... Are You The Next? ...

Today I've got an invitation from Natasha Skin Centre. It's a big skin centre for man, woman and teenager, founded by dr. Fredi Setyawan. They had lots of skin care and treatment for all your need with natural ingredients and the newest technology. No wonder if Natasha Skin Centre got Top Brand Award from Marketing and Frontier magazine since 2009. Well, some of my friends are Natasha's members so I'm familiar about this skin centre. And maybe you? :)

So me and the other guests are try some of their treatment this afternoon and listen the explanation about the treatment. but the things that ring the bell is... Natasha Skin Care will doing some model search this yerr!! Yess, they are searching new ambassador for this yerr! It's called
"Pemilihan Wajah Natasha 2013" or we can said "Natasha Look Awards 2013" *winkwink

So, it's not only for man and women, but it also for teenagers! So If your age 13 - 18 and interest to be the new ambassador for Natasha Skin Care, just click here to join it! Maybe you're the one :)
Oh, don't forget to check their twitter timeline @natashaskincare , they have great quiz and prizes :)

So, are you the next?