... Stylie / Me & Iron Man ...

Yep yep yep! Finally I got the chance to see Iron Man in 3D! Huhuhuhuiii!
So after the work and attend Craft Day, Me and A goes to the movie :)

I like Iron Man. And Robert Downey Jr. And also Gwyneth.
this movie makes me surprised hihihi.

One thing I learn from the movie :
"Be nice to everyone. Because we never know what will be next. If u do bad, the karma will comeback to you in unexpected way."

Be nice & enjoy ur life everyday :)

Black sweater - unbranded | Red tassels necklace - Mika | Printed skirt - Picnic | Red flatshoes - TLTSN | various bracelets - Mix Konokene & TLTSN | Black sling bag - Unbranded

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