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Denim Shirt - GAP | Pattern legging - LMFHW | Stud Booties - New Look | Bracelets - Mix KonoKene & TLTSN | Watch - CasioVintage

Hello, We're Back Again :)

After a tiring weekend, hahaha sounds so hiperbolic yess.... I'm back to another new week again. I had a lil bit problem to wake up in the morning. My alarm already ringing at 8.30 am. But my soul already complete at 10am. hehehe. Well, what can I say.. I'm not a morning person :)

I dreaming about someone. good friend of me. Maybe you already read lil bit about him at here
Yup, he's Andista. The one who gave me red shoes on my previous post. Don't know why but last night I dreamed about him, and when I wake up... I just feel that I missed him :)

Well, I miss the time when we talk each other, had an argument of everything, sharing the day - planning - dreams... No.. no ..no.. we're not a couple. We're good friend. for now. Don't know later hihihi. But yeah.. I missed those good times. We're living separately. I'm in Jakarta and he's in Surabaya. Hope we can meet again and do the fun moment together..

"If you have good person in your life, never forget it. 
They always cherish ur life with a great moment that never forget"

Because I miss him, today's outfit is dedicated to him. the denim shirt is gift from him. I mix it with some other pattern to bright the outfit :)

So hey you... I miss you :)


  1. heiii...sebelumnya makasih untuk comment kamu di blog aku ya, salam kenal, kamu bisa panggil aku Ozi..;)
    suka sama style kamu, unik!!!:))

    oh ya, aku sdh follow blog kamu, aku tunggu follow back dari kamu yaaa:))

    jalan2 juga ya ke IG aku...
    senang menemukan blogmu...


  2. @Ozi haii makasi udah komen. Will follow back u :)