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Red Deer Sweater & Galaxy Legging - KalCit | Red Tassels Necklace - Mika | Stud Booties - New Look

Who doesn't love sale?

But I don't do shopping because of sale time. In Jakarta we have few malls who always do various sale such as midnight sale, mid year sale, etc. I didnt shop because that sale things. I do it because I like the items I found and randomly shopping and somehow I found sale things hehehe. And not only in malls, but also in bazaar, flea market or lil butik that I found.

Well, I already tried that kinda midnight sale, and I decided not to do it again. I like the shopping time, but don't like when I shud queing so loooooong for pay all the items I brought. and... somehow sale makes us crazzzyyy! *and realized when after pay all the bills the wallet goes empty hahahaha.

This outfit is from sale things hahahaha.
Yes, it' true. The red deer sweater I found in sale items basket in one of the lil shop in Kalibata City Mall. Also the galaxy legging. My fave stud booties are in sale item in New Look store. *winkwink

Sorry for that tired face. I've been meeting all day and shud passed all these bad traffic because of big raining today hehehe.

So, be stylish not always expensive, rite? :)


  1. agree

    a quote said, "Fashion is not what you wear. It's how you wear"

    that means every piece of cloth (branded or unbranded, expensive or cheap) can be very stylish

    and you are SUPER DUPER STYLISH, kak.

    I love this look!

  2. I love sale too! being fashionable not always be expensive :)
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  3. @Aul thank you, darling. Glad u like my post :)

  4. @Karina yup. It's true. you need to mix it to make ur own style :)