... Stylie / Stripes Back Tuesday ...

Stripes bodycon - Little Chest | Red T-Bar Shoes - TLTSN | Square Black Bag - Bona Shop | Red Belt - Orange | various bracelets - KonoKene & TLTSN | watch - Casio | Gold & Silver necklace - Forever 21

Hello Tuesday!

I'm still in the mood for black color. Well, a lil bit gloommy. but today I decide to mix it. So here Iam, black and white stripes with a touch of red :)

The shoes is given by Andista, my goodfriend. He brought me this shoes when we meet up after I'm doing a meeting on Saturday. He know that I'm not usually wear heels even I wear wedges. So he bought me this red shoes to makes me feel comfort. So I can enjoy the time with him and my other friends :)

Thank You, Ndis!


  1. pretty as usual kakk! love the t-strap flats anwww <3


  2. @Sartob thank youu, darliiing :)
    kapan balik ke Jakarta?