... Stylie / Stripes Inspiration ...

 Stripes Turtleneck - Vintage | High-Waist Denim Short - Nudie | Neon Pink Necklace - Lanvin | Black legging - Gaudi | Studded Boots - New Look 

Here's come the style! Inspired from Nylon Mag :)
I customized lil thing, depend my wardrobe and the condition
Because I had to work, I put black leggings. So not so casual.
And I add the bright pink neon necklace to bright the day :)

The inspiration for ur outfit can came from everywhere
See it. Customized it. Wear it.
Have a great day, people :)


  1. nice necklace...
    di jkt jg kn yaa..?
    we should meet up :p

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. I can not reiterate how did I get here ...
    it is not a problem but my luck
    I do not understand very well about fotografhy and fashion
    but I'm quite aware of the charming smile that
    just about me and you

  3. @Avellia yes. Jakarta. Mari meet up :)