... Foodie / A Day in Surabaya ...

Last week I go to Surabaya with RAN & Team.
In the middle of performed schedule, I'm trying some nyummy food.

1. Special Chicken Tam Tam Ramen - Hakata Ikkoushu
Nino and Asta said that this is the best ramen. And my friend from Surabaya also said that this ramen is good and always full booked. The goodthings, we don't need to wait so long to eat in here.
Yup, this is nyummy ramen :)

2. Pisang Bakar Cokelat Keju or we can say Grilled Banana with Chocolate & Cheese
I eat this at Tator restaurant, Surabaya Town Square (SuTos).
nice place. and the food is good :)

3. Sate Klopo Ondomohen
Satay with a touch of coconut. Eat with rice :)
If you come to Surabaya, you should eat Sate Klopo Ondomohen. 
One of the famous and legendary food :)

4. Lekker Ondomohen
This kinda like crepes. But in small portion hahaha.
You can feel the chocolate when u bite it.
This is the traditional version of creepes :)

I always loves food!
Don't forget to eat the famous or legendary food everytime you came to one place :)

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