... Laugh / Last Saturday! ...

What a great weekend accompany by 2 good men hahahaha.

Finally, I met Andista. Well, if you follow my blog or read some my previous post, u might be familiar with Andista. If you dont, you can read about Andista in here, here and here :)

Andista and his brother, Gagah, are lived in Surabaya. They always accompany me everytime I came to Surabaya. I know Gagah first because we work at the same company, just different countries. I'm at Prambors Jakarta, Gagah at Prambors Surabaya. And because of him, I met Andista. And I met his brother because Sambal Bu Rudy hahahaha. This could be a long story. I will told you in my next post hahahaha.

So, at Saturday night, after finished my work doing some publicity things for RAN's perform at DBL Arena, Andista pick me up. We had some dinner and then go to Our Bar. 

Our Bar is a new hang out place. The concept is like Beergarden or Bremer in Jakarta. But not so full packed and the interior are good. Looks rustic with wood things. And the bartenders plus waitress are good. So here I am, spending our saturday night. Drink and chit chat. Also meet new peoples. I always loves to makes new connection or friends hihihihi. Gagah join us for a while.

Even raining outside, it's a great saturday night!
Thank you Andista and Gagah :)

Just a few shot of Jagermeister, chit chat and laugh. It's a great saturday night :)