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I started the day with meeting at 10am. I already woke up at 7.45 am, but somehow I've been a rush and getting late to chase the train. And ended at meeting venue at 10.30am hehehe :)
well, I'm not a morning person but I'm trying to be. because sometimes I can woke up early and go to office in the morning. After lunch I already finished my work things so I spent the rest afternoon for browsing and chit chat. sometimes sleep in the couch. hahahaha. I love my job :)

Todaaaaay... because I'm in rush, I take the pics after I go home. So sorry if the pics it's not fresh but I hope it still looks cool hihihihi :)

My theme today is blue. I love blue. blue means sky. sky means freedom. because sky is unlimited and you can go anywhere u want :)

Denim shirt - GAP | Snake pattern pants - Zara | Red Peace Necklace - Djerat | Gold Sneaker - Nike

So, what is your favorite color?


  1. Hallo kak Titan! Hehe doain ya semoga art blogku lancar:D i love your sneakers btw. Lucuuu

  2. very comfy outfit! love it :)
    good evening from France :)

  3. blue!! haha the same, stunning denim shirt!

  4. wowo, nice pants and sneakers, you look casually stunning!

  5. Kak Titaz's beauty is timeless ! <3

  6. @Reevo aww aaww thank you, dear Reevo handsome :D