... Stylie / Galaxy in Black ...

I'm listening every kind of music. Metal, hard core, pop, dance, shoegaze, rock n roll and many more. My working experience in radio teach me about that. And my family loves music too. They listening lots of music, depends on their personality. That's why I grew up with many kind of music hehehe. 

One of the band I heard is Mastodon. I'm not a big fan of them, but I hear it. Especially when I was a producer for Riot On Air, my music program in Prambors Radio. I heard many kind of this music :D I feel lucky when my good friend, Done, gave me his Mastodon tees. This tees definitely be my fave tees! 

I don't like to look gothic or so kind of metal girl. So I combine the tees with my fave galaxy skirt and metal touch sandals. And of course, my statement arm party. 

Well, hear the music not makes u shud be like them, right :)

Mastodon Tees - from Done | Galaxy Skirt - Tunjungan Plaza | Mix bracelets : TLTSN, Stroberi, Diva, Naughty, Handmade from friends | Metal touch Sandals - Noori Closet

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