... Stylie / Lebaran in Red ...

Red Caftan - from my mom | Black velvet turban - unbranded | Metal touch sandals - Noori Closet | Manikan Red Envelope Clutch - Manikan | mix bracelets - Naughty, Diva, TLTSN, gifted from friends, Stroberi, KonoKene

In this special day, I choose my favorite color, Red!
My mom gave me this cute red caftan with flower embroidery around the neck.
simple and classic. I combine it with Metal touch sandals, black velvet turban and Manikan envelope clutch.

The red color is stand out. I wore it when Sholat Ied. And I feel different from the others who usually wear white colors hehehehe.

Well, how can I say. I love red. and I love to be different :)

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