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Last night, I had a chance to see Krewella.

Thank you CreativeDisc

To be honest, I'm not really know about them. All I know they have huge fans and good music :)

They're perform at Stark - EX Plaza Indonesia
while waiting the others, I met my old workmates from Sony Music Indonesia, record label I used to work hehehe. Krewella is their artist, no wonder they're coming hahahaha. So we had a lil photo session.

The goodthings is, because Im with them, I had a chance to meet Krewella. I mean literally meet. I'm so happy! Feels like the old days while I still work with my workmates hahahaha. somehow I miss them and all the moments when we rushing together *winkwink

Their perform was good! I love their music.
too bad I can't see until they're finished because I shud go to work today.
but I'm happy I can see their perform :)
Now I need to buy their CD hahahaha :D


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