... Life / Yearly Plan ...

From today till tomorrow, I will be hiatus for a moment. 
I'm going outta town aka Puncak for my company yearly meeting, we will evaluate the work on 2013 and making plan for 2014. I guess it will be a loooooong day meeting hahaha

To be honest, this is my first yearly meeting on my work life hahaha. I mean the real yearly meeting with the presentation and discussion in office ambience. well, I use to work in entertainment industry for almost 13 years, thats why all the planning meeting not really feel work hahaha. My company now is beauty treatment brand, so it will be different. But because I just tuned in for 5 months, I will more listen - learn and understand :)

Well, I guess I will enjoy this long yearly planning meeting :)

ps : the weather is soooooo damn cold! 
I wear tees, sweater, jacket, beanie, gloves, socks, jeans and sneakers to make my self warm. but still... coooold!


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