... Stylie / Batik ...

I shud wear Batik when attend Danar Hadi Fashion Show
This is what I wear :)

Jakarta Session 
The truth is, this is my brother Batik shirt hehehe
that's why looks bigger than my body
But I add black belt and colorfull necklace for the feminime sense :)
It will be good if I wear heels, but because my feet already injuried few days before, I cannot wear heels.

 Batik shirt belong to my bro | Black belt - Magnolia | Colorfull Necklace - unbranded | Studed Velvet Loafer - Noori Closet

Surabaya Session
This time I mix my batik blouse with slit skirt, add some color necklace and bling-bling clutch.
And I wear Red Heels! Yeay!
my foot not really well, but I need to because I do some presentation in front of the guests.
It will be look good in heels :)

Batik blouse from My Mom | Slit skirt & Bling black clutch - Noori Closet | Red Heels - Marie Claire | unbranded colorfull necklace


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