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Here we go!
Meet up my two silly-buddies is always fun!
we are Brunchies Buddies! 
As usually, me and my two silly-buddies Helmy and Garth, always spare once a month to meet up
what are we doing when we meet up?
The first : Eat, eat and eat!
We loves to eat hahahahahaa. that's why when we meet up, we can eat 2 - 4 times
from brunch till dinner, and don't forget afternoon tea and snacks hihihihi

 Next, taking lotsa pics together
we just looooves to take pics together 

For this meet up, our theme are Valentine
so few days earlier, we decided to bring gifts for each others, but on the day it just me who bring it :(
well, I hope they like it. I just gave them V-neck tees on neon colors hahahahaha

Our brunchies buddies meet up was so fun!
and we have a big plan for us!
curious? stay tune on my blog then *winkwink

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