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On Tuesday, I've got sad news from A about my friend, Ibnu.

I know Ibnu when we're work together at Jakarta Biennale 2013, an International exhibition. We work on same division, Communication. The differences are I'm on media relation and Ibnu is Web editor. So if you read many articles on Jakarta Biennale, it's Ibnu who did it :)

A few days ago, I heard he's got sick and coma. I still hope he can be health again, but A said the possibility is so small because Ibnu already collapse for few days and some of his organ doesn't work. And today, I've got the sad news that he's passed away :(

It's sad to hear that. He's a nice person....

pics from A and Ibnu's profile on my phone

Rest in Peace, Ibnu
Nice to know, meet and work with you
Have fun up there :)

Ibnu Rizal Al Rasyid 
1988 - 2014

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