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Yesterday, Im joining Female Daily - The Body Shop Mini Blogger Workshop
It's about how to be a blogger, especially beauty blogger
Well, I'm not literaly a beauty blogger, I rather called as a lifestyle blogger because I posted anything that I like. But this event gave me insight how to be a good beauty blogger.
Also we can try Nutriganics Drop of Youth, InstaBlur, and Shiso 2 in 1 Moisture White.

Sounds good yess :)

Beside learning the blogging content things from Ms Affi Assegaf (FemaleDaily)
we also try some of The Body Shop products : Nutriganics Drop of Youth, InstaBlur, and Shiso 2 in 1 Moisture White.

Yup. At first we cleaned our face with Vitamin E Cream Cleanser and refresh it with Vitamin E Hydrating Toner. After that, I try the Nutriganics Drop of Youth. 
It's simple to use and we don't need to think how much we need to use because the bottle contain the size pipe. Just push the button and the pipe will fill with the serum we need. So we just drop it to our hand and use it in our face. It's quick dry!

Then we try Shiso 2 in 1 Moisture White Brightening Eye Cream.
This roll-on eye cream is simple and easy to use. We can use it every morning before activity and every night before go to sleep.

Last we use InstaBlur - All In One. 
It's good to cover your face before do the make up. because our skin will look flawless but feels light.

After using that 3 products, it's time to make-up!
I'm not a good in make-up, thankfully I sit together with Yuska and Meylisa. They're good in make-up. Yuska help me to do some simple make up hahaha. I sit along with Yulia too, my mate in every blogger event hahahaa.

Here I am after the make up session. Not really full make-up but this event encourage me to learn how to do some simple make-up. after all, we wanna look good and pretty, right? :D

Thank you for Ms Cherry, Beauty Advisor from The Body Shop Indonesia
she's really helped me lots how to use the 3 products and make up hahahaha. 
what can I say, I'm an #AmateurBeautyJunkie hihihihi :D

Thank you for Miss Affi who gave us insight about blogger

And also Manda, my friend from FemaleDaily who told me about this event
Finally I joint ur event hahahaha :D

Last but not least, 
I won as a best instagram for this event. Yeaay!
So I've got 3 free products & voucher, and compact powder and BB cream

Thank you The Body Shop Indonesia!

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