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I love shopping. I guess most of the girls loves to shop hahahaha
And I loves to do online shopping these past 4 years, because it's simple and I don't need to face the traffic jam *winkwink

But shop online can be tricky and unsecure if we don't know how and not be carefull especially about our personal data such as credit card numbers or password. 
Also sometimes we disapointed because the stuff we ordered are not same as the pics we saw in internet. So when you shop online, you shud be carefull and be sure.

Yesterday, I attend an invitation from The Body Shop - "Click On Beauty"
Where we can meet up and talk about online shopping

In "Click On Beauty", they shared about how to shop online safe and good, so we didn't feel disapointed about it. Also The Body Shop presented to us their online shop 

It's an online store for all Body Shop products. They also had guarantee and customer satisfaction.
So if you need some products and too lazy for go to the mall, just click in here :)

After the exclusive talkshow, we have Make Over time!
Lalalalala I always love make over because I always wondering hows my looks be like :D

My Make Up Artist who make over me is nice and helpfull.
Robby is so patient to answer all my question about make-up and the product
because I always want to know what kind of product and how to use it and bla bla bla
So here's the make-over timeeee!

 And here's the result
Looves it. Thank you, Robby!

Thank youuu, The Body Shop!

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