... Life / In 4 Months ...


It's almost 4 months I didn't write anything here
Lots of things happen in 4 months 

On August, I resign from my daily job. things didn't work well I guess
Im sad, because I do the best I can do. but well, we cannot pleased everyone :)

On September, I had my almost one month vacation in Bali
It such a blessing to me. because it's been 2 yers I didn't go there, and I really wish I can go
and voila! I go to Bali for almost one month! 
Celebrate my birthday, had a styling project, and also vacation
maybe I will post about it someday hihihihi

On October, I start to be a fashion stylist in a serious way.
I used to be stylist for my friend, or some side project. 
but now, I do it regulary for my paycheck hahahaha
also go to everywhere, meet new people, attend any invitation, makes some connection
and the good things, I can take care my online radio also music weblog which I partner with my friend

On November and still going on, preparing some personal project
making my own brand and small shop with my friend
still going on to be stylist and hopefully more projects coming soon

To be honest, I feel afraid
afraid that everythings doesnt work well
but I believe, as long I do it seriously and do my best,
I will make it :)

So bring it on and ready to rock n roll!
wish me luck :)

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