... Stylie / JFW 15 : The Body Shop ...

It's Jakarta Fashion Week 2015
It's one of biggest prestigious fashion event in Indonesia
Lucky me, I've got an VIP Invitation from The Body Shop Indonesia
they collaborated with 3 great designer from Indonesia : Kle, Cotton Ink and Ardistia New York
the show was held on Thursday, November 6th, 2014 at Fashion Tent JFW 2015 - Senayan City

Here's some of the collection from the show :)

Cotton Ink

Ardistia New York

 All the VIP invitation get The Body Shop goodie bag with variety things inside
I've got chocolate body shower, tumbler, reusable bag, and lip care

From these 3 designer, my favorite is the last one, Ardistia
the two designer looks similar and too plain for me, but still good 
Ardistia came with vibrant color and edgy cut
you know, I always love colors and asymetrical things hahahaha
and the hair do is reminder me about my hair cut :)

Thank you The Body Shop Indonesia
for this VIP invitation :)

All runway pics taken from JFW 2015

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