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This what I called suddenly getaway!

yep, the day after the NYE event, I decided to do #quickgetaway with my friend
so here we go to Bandung then go to Lembang!

both of us didn't know the road in Bandung, 
we just know how to get there and back from there hahahaha. 
but we using Waze! 
not 100% correct, sometimes we misplaced or feel didn't correct, but Waze - or maybe some of you using Google Maps, really help us.

 even it just #QuickGetaway,
but it feels good to have some time away from the city
having a good view and fresh air when wake up,
enjoying the place, sightseeing, shopping 
and the best is can meet my old friend, Sazki!

It's been so long that we never meet face to face
we just connect through social media and by phone 

#quickgetaway is really good to refresh my mind hahahahaha
I guess I should do this again after every project done *winkwink

Hei Rino,
thanks for being my partner in #quickgetaway and sometimes being lost together 
let's do this another time hahahaha


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