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Now it's time for InstaBlur All-In-One review
It's a good product for you who always love to selfie hihihihi :D
When the first time I know about InstaBlur All-In-One
I think what's the different with the other BB cream?

all the BB cream said the cream can makes your face looks smooth and glow. 

The label said InstaBlur All-In-One is 5-action perfector, who correct the face and can smooth the pores. Fit for any skin tone and makes face looks glowing.
or in my words, 
InstaBlur All-In-One can covered your pores and face without looks heavy but still glowing :)

I'm not the person who always wear complete make-up everyday, only for special occasion. But I know that I like the foundation which is not to make me feel heavy. you know the feel like you wearing a face mask and hard to clean up after that :(

What I'm Doing?
After I clean my face, apply the serum and moisturizer, 
I apply InstaBlur All-In-One on my face and neck
Then I apply compact powder

Usually, after applying BB Cream I always wet the  sponge before applying the powder on my face. for covered the pores and skin, so looks flawless.
with InstaBlur, I didn't need to wet the sponge. just apply the powder on my face and neck. 
more efficient

My First Impression?
it had smooth texture and similar with rice, but when we apply to our face with hand or brush, it will makes a new layer on our skin. 

Lil hard to use it for you who not usually wear make-up. because it should apply once or two, better once. if apply over and over the texture will be rough and flaking of the skin. 

the smell is soft. 

The Result?
My face looks smooth and flawless
I don't feel like wearing face mask hahahaha
easy to clean up
if I do selfie or wefie, don't need more effects to makes the looks glowing *winkwink

yes, this is something I need
and for you too, if you kind of simple and sometimes in-hurry person, don't have to much time for make-up or not an expert in make-up

Glowing can make it from photo edit or right products,
but the true glow is from your self, your heart
be happy and positive :)


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