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For the first, I will review 
Nutriganics Drops of Youth
For me, it's an amazing serum!

Based on the label, Nutriganics Drops Of Youth is a youth-enchancing concentrate for smoother-looking skin. Enriched with criste-marine plant system cells. 

or in my words, 
this criste-marine plant system cells in this serum can help all types of skin smoother, fresh, and health, also keep the skin looks younger in 4 weeks

I'm a type a person who believed everything always need a process and progress. Well, I'm not saying I didn't believed this serum, I believed it. Because it's from a famous and trusted brand in the world, and also organics too. But I feel more believed if I already using it for 3 months. 

What I'm Doing?
Always clean up my face every morning before start the day and night before go to bed
Using Nutriganics Drops of Youth everyday before my daily moisturizer
Using make-up as usually - in my words is only compact powder hahahaha

My First Impressions?
The serum is quickly absorbed into the skin!  so I didn't need waiting before apply the moisture. 
it's good for you who always in a rush in the morning but still can apply all the beauty care hahahaha

The Result?
After using a few times, I feel my skin more moist
My skin is normal, but sometimes I feel so dry. 
with this serum, I feel my skin more moist and smooth. And my friends said looks glowing!
maybe because I feel happy with the result so my skin looks glowing *winkwink

I'm using 30ml size, but the serum can using for 4 months
I guess it still continue for 5 months. Its good things for me and for you who need an effective serum but also affordable :)

The key is glass pipette so we can use the serum in proper size. I called it efficient :)

My Opinion?
Nutriganics Drops of Youth is a recommended serum!
Easy to use, effective, efficient and affordable

Use it everyday and get your skin more smoother, moist and looks younger 

To feel always young is not about having expensive products
with a healthy lifestyle and the right products, you can get younger look like you want
but don't forget to always be fun, smile and positive from your inside


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