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I start today with join the workshop about facebook ads and copywriting from 9am. A lil bit sleepy after lunch and afternoon snack, but overall the workshop is good.

Lucky me, my previous work on a technology company teach me about digital marketing and a lil bit technically things about data. So this workshop kinda familiar with me hehehehe :)

These donats called "Donat Cinta", business from one of my friend in TDA

After workshop, I go to Kineforum (Taman Ismail Marzuki). Waitng A who's meeting for his new design project. Then we go to favorite thing....eat! hahahaha
We decide to eat Sundanesse food tonight. So we go to Riung Sunda near Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Nasi Bakar Cumi - Nasi Bakar Jamblang - Pepes Tahu - Bakwan Jagung - Tempe Bacem - Sambal

I closed the day with (try) to enjoy my Klappertaart on Bakoel Koffie while A doing some meeting about his current art project, Jakarta Biennale.

Sneak Peek for my #OOTD 

This is my Sundate, how about you?
Wish u have a great and lovely sunday yess ♡

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