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There are Broods!
Electropop duo from New Zealand is coming to Jakarta, Indonesia!

At first, I didn't really know about Broods. But my CreativeDisc team talk about them, so I decided to find out more about them.

Broods is Georgia and Caleb Nott. They're brother and sister from New Zealand. Broods already played in many festivals, no wonder Live Nation and Soundbox Moment bring them to Jakarta. For full report about their perfomance on last Sunday, you can check on CreativeDisc Concert Reviews, written by my goodfriend, Miss LDSJ *wink!

Too bad I'm coming late because I had important meeting before that. But I feel happy because I still can see their performance and enjoy the song, even I didn't know all the song. But seeing them live, makes me more like them!
I'm asking Pondra, my friend from Universal Music Indonesia about Broods album. But the album didn't released in here, because for some reason. Hiks. Mabye I can find the album on I-Tunes or asking my friend in outside Indonesia to buy the cd for me.

The other things I love, I see the performance with my friends and lovely people!
Nothing can beat the moment when you've got good music and lovely people around you

My CreativeDisc Team (CungCung and Jeni), Mikha The Overtunes, Om Peter from Universal MusicIndonesia, also my Ankel

Overall, I enjoy the show. One thing for sure, Georgia's voice is soooooooo great!
Wish I can sing like her hahahahaa. 
Thank you for coming to Indonesia, Broods! Hope you enjoy Jakarta :)


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