... Hip / Live Streaming on #FAME ...

Starting this December, I will live streaming or we can call it Beam, on Fame Apps everyday, at 8.15 PM 

It's called Night Talk With Titaz
I will talk about many things such as fashion, music, collector's item, movie, beauty and concert!
you can talk with me too during my live beam. Cool, huh? :)

So, download the Fame Apps on android or ios, do the registration and find me aka Titaz on Fame.
Don't forget to follow my Fame account so you won't miss the beam.

So, see you on my Night Talk with Titaz only on Fame Apps!

Edit: Due to signals or technical problem or my schedule / event, sometimes I will doing Live Beaming after 9 PM. Kindly followed my account on #Fame - Titaz so you won't missed my live beaming! (11/12/2015)

Tetap Semangat!

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