[Music Journey] Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

I’m not a big fan of them. Really. I just know because some of my friends always mention this band and ask me to see their youtube channel. I see few, and I like it. The music jazz and ska. Upbeat and they look so energic.

And the time is come... Two years ago, while waiting after interviewing Magic at Soundsfair, me and my friend, Garth, see few Japanesse people sit beside us. Looks are they waiting the others. I didn’t notice who they are until Garth ask me to get his picture with them. He said, they’re Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Ok. I snap his pic and get pic with them too. They’re nice. I posted it on my Instagram 70 weeks ago. hahahaha.

At night, I see Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra at Soundsfair along with my friends. Whuoooooowwwww! They’re so awesome and energic! Remembering they’re an old band since 1985. But they still rock the stage! I saw lots of my friends singing and dancing, enjoying the time with them. Whuooo whuooo whuoooo! And that time, I fall in love with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra!

Todaaaaaay, I will see them perform at Java Jazz 2016. Also as a part of CreativeDisc, I will have an interview with them. Hope I can make it on time and.... didn’t get star truck hahahahaha. Can’t wait! Wish me luck!

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Tetap semangat! 

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