[Music Journey] Morrissey Live in Jakarta

On October 12, I see Morrissey for the 2nd times!
Here's some of the official photos from the #MorrisseyJKT concert!

No encore for Morrissey Live in Jakarta, but I think encore is up to the artist. They want to do it or not, everything depend on them. I feel lil bit 'kentang' with no encore, but overall I'm happy!

I would like to say...
We're lucky. The concert in Indonesia didn't cancelled like in Yohama, or the date is change like in Singapore. No Rain. The song list is great, he sing Judy Is A Punk from Ramones, The Smiths song, also World Peace Is None Of Your Business. We've got 19 songs! 

I'm lucky enough to see Morrissey concert for the 2nd times.
Thank you for coming, sir!

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