[Beauty] Lip Talk

Yup, I’m a lipstick junkie!

I forgot how I could turn from a girl who just have on lipstick – I remembered only have Wardah lipstick in green package no 45, to be a woman who have lots of lipstick in my box! Oh my… I guess these all lipstick are my new addiction hahahaha.

Because of my addiction to lipstick and I have lots of lipstick, I decided to make #TitazLipTalk on my twitter tazty and my blog every weekend to talk about Lipstick. What’s the meaning have lots of lipsticks if we don’t share our experiences, rite?

So after read lil’bit review on my twitter account, you can read it more on my blog
Stay tune every weekend for #TitazLipTalk!

I’m not an expert on make up. #TitazLipTalk is a sharing post. I can buy it my self, gift or sponsored. All reviews is from my personal experience and opinion. Please notice that the result can be different on you. Jika ada brand lipstick atau warna lipstick yang menurut kamu oke buat direview, share di bagian comment ya. 

Tetap Semangat!