[Life] Happy Easter

I always remembered when I was a kid, every Easter me and all of my friends from 4th till 6th grade on Tarakanita 3 Elementary school are making Easter Basket. These Easter basket will be sold on school on Easter Day, fullfilled with so many snacks like chocolates and chiki, and also Easter Egg hahaha.

So everyone trying to make their best Easter basket. Because all the Easter Basket will sold grade crossly. I mean when I was on 4th grade, my easter basket can be sold on 6th grade. And the buyers pick the easter basket themselves. So if your easter basket sold quickly, means you doing a great job hahahaa.

It was a great old memories and makes me missed the easter basket moments 

Well, Happy Easter everyone!
Hope happiness and joy always around you :)

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  1. Happy easter kak!

    I don't celebrate easter, but honestly always curious about the colorful easter eggs and decorations. They're all look so cute

    Yuk yuk.
    Kapan kak???
    Perlu kah kita ajak kakak Fei biar makin heboh? XD

    1. @Aulll
      apa kabar sih kamuuu hahahahaha ayo lah kita jumpaaa :D