[Stylie] Patches!

Patches top: Typo Error | Shredded Denim: pre-loved market | pom-pom bag straps: Eye Candy Bags | bags: GoGirl Magz | Studded Slip On: Airwalk

I always love patches! 
Even before these patches going trend, hits or everywhere, I already have an eye for it.
That's why I loves to collect patches. Words, funny or colorfull, as long I like the patch I will collect it.

Patch can be an accent to your style, also can be statement things, or something that makes people look at you. Collect your patches and mix it on your style :)

Kangen sama Purbasari Matte Lipstick? Baca #TitazLipTalk yuk!

Tetap Semangat!


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