[Live] Hello June!

Like I told on Hello May about my new job, this month I feels excite! Coz I will run my first offline event! Excited but also nervous hahahaha. Coz this is our first activity and other branches never do it. So maybe this activity will be some of example or pilot project for them if they want to do the same activity. Will post about it later!

I have so many ideas on my head. But need to slow down a bit, because every ideas need works and details to make it happen. You know, one thing at time. Coz sometimes multitasking didn't work good. Will share about one by one vs multitasking things on other post :)

This month, we will celebrate Lebaran! It's always nice to have iftar together with friends and family, also celebrate the big day with them.

So, what are you up to this June?
Hope it always makes you happy :)

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Tetap Semangat!

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