[Stylie] Mix n Match Your Number 61

Number 61 is one of my fave retail store since high school. They provided lots of fashion collection in an affordable price. Good for high school student at that time hahaha. Now, Number 61 still be my favorite! The collection is always up to date with the latest trend. And the brand is already in Jakarta, Jawa, Sulawesi, Kalimantan and Sumatera. Still, in affordable price. That's why I always look up to Number 61 Bintaro Plaza, my fave store *winkwink

Thank God I've got special project from Clozette Indonesia with Number 61. Mix n match my favorite items with Number 61 Ramadhan and new collections. So here's my mix n match from Number 61 Bintaro Plaza!

Black Velvet Slip On Dress
Mix with pattern shirts and bling flatshoes

White Shirt with embellished collar
Mix with grey cullotes and bling flatshoes, paired with colorfull pompom necklaces

Black & White Stripes High Neck Tees with Patches
Mix with brown vintage skirt - leather belt - oversized denim jacket

Stripes Ruffle Shirt
mix with variety pins and shredded jeans, paired with bling flatshoes and tassels red earrings

Wanna get the collections? Check the shop!

Don't forget to follow their official website and instagram to keepin up their latets collections, event or discount things.

Thank you, Clozette Indonesia and Number 61!

Tetap Semangat!

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